All events will take place at Ircam except the evening concerts.

Wednesday 12 June 2019

  • 13h00–14h00: Welcome desk and registration

  • 14h00–14h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Opening address

  • 14h30–16h00 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 1a: Poetics (21st century)
    Chair: Nicolas Donin

    • Ingrid Pustijanac: "The Grammar of Inharmonicity"
    • Bert Van Herck: "The Music of Rozalie Hirs"
    • Amy Bauer: "Automata in extremis: Mauro Lanza and Andrea Valle’s sublime spectral machines"

  • 14h30–16h00 (Studio 5) – Session 1b: Instruments
    Chair: Nathalie Hérold

    • Jack Adler-McKean: "The spectral tuba"
    • Iván Adriano Zetina: "La fonction de la guitare électrique dans les œuvres spectrales en France"
    • Tobias Tschiedl: "An analysis of Hugues Dufourt’s writing for electric guitar and sound transformation in La cité des saules (1997)"

  • 16h00–16h30: Break

  • 16h30–18h00 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 2a: Cultural histories
    Chair: Caroline Rae

    • Laura Zattra: "Behind the official literature. A history of first encounters between Spectralists and Sound Researchers"
    • Marilyn Nonken: "Spectralisms in America, 1995-2005"
    • Joseph R. Jakubowski: "Revealing Community: Analyzing Tributes and Memorials to Grisey, 1998 – Present"

  • 16h30–17h30 (Studio 5) – Session 2b: Electronica!
    Chair: Robert Hasegawa

    • Luca Befera: "Layering the Spectrum: Waving Processes between Meter and Frequencies in Riccardo Novas’ Works"
    • Riccardo Wanke: "Ecstatic-Materialist Perspective. A Shared Cross-Genre Perspective Found in Today’s Experimental Music Practices"

  • 18h30–20h00 (Ircam gallery) – Cocktail reception

  • 20h30: Concert – Spectral 1
    L’Itinéraire conducted by Mathieu Romano
    Centre Pompidou – Grande salle

Thursday 13 June 2019

  • 09h00: Welcome desk and registration

  • 09h30–11h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 3a: Saariaho
    Chair: Grégoire Lorieux

    • Landon Morrison: "Encoding Post-Spectral Thought: Kaija Saariaho’s Early Electronic Works at IRCAM, 1982–87"
    • Wataru Miyakawa: "Étude sur le processus compositionnel de Lichtbogen de Kaija Saariaho"
    • Clara Foglia: "Verblendungen, Io, Solar: restructuration 'spectrale' des harmonies 'fonctionnelles' dans le développement de la forme téléologique"
    • Morgan Rich: "Looking into the heart of light: Metaphors of Light in Kaija Saariaho’s Notes on Light"

  • 09h30–11h30 (Studio 5) – Session 3b: Poetics (20th century)
    Chair: Jonathan Cross

    • Dimitris Exarchos: "The sense of music in Scelsi's compositional thinking"
    • Samuel Ekkehardt Dunscombe: "Fountains of My Sky: Understanding Horațiu Rădulescu’s 'Sound Plasma' Through Archival Research"
    • Liam Cagney: "'Et le nuage est spectre, et le spectre est nuage': Murail, Poetics, Symbolism"
    • Damien Bonnec: "Ambiguïté, trompe-l'oreille et subjectivité: Michaël Lévinas contre une tendance du premier spectralisme"

  • 11h30–12h00: Break

  • 12h00-13h00 (Salle Stravinsky) – Performance workshop 1
    Giacinto Scelsi, Trilogia – The three Ages of Man (1956-65) for cello
    Frances-Marie Uitti (cello) in conversation with Sharon Kanach.

  • 13h00–14h30: Lunch

  • 14h30–17h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 4a: Grisey
    Chair: Ingrid Pustijanac

    • Joshua Banks Mailman: "Process philosophy overcoming itself: Modeling Grisey’s Vortex Temporum (1994-96)"
    • Katherine Balch & Mike Ford: "Crossing the Threshold: Textual and Musical Interactions in Gérard Grisey’s Quatre Chants pour franchir le seuil"
    • Stephen Noh: "L’influence de Xenakis dans la musique spectrale de Grisey"
    • Lukas Haselböck: "Structure and Perception in the Music of Gérard Grisey"
    • Dylan J. Principi: "Grisey’s Time and its Conceptual Implications"

  • 14h30–18h00 (Studio 5) – Session 4b: Analytical prospects
    Chair: Nathalie Hérold

    • Daniel Fox: "Shifting the Plane of Audition to Analyze the Role of Acoustic Resonance in the Works of Morton Feldman and Alvin Lucier"
    • Martin Ritter, Jeffrey E. Boyd & Friedemann Sallis: "A Spatio-Timbral Analysis of Keith Hamel’s Touch for piano and interactive electronics (2012): A Contribution to Sound Field Studies in Musicology"
    • Robert Adlington: "Metaphors for changing sound in spectral music: the potential of the IRiMaS project"
    • Yiğit Kolat: "Entropy and the Anatomy of Time: Composing with Spectral Entropy"
    • Timothy Bausch: "Spectral Atoms: An Expanded Approach to the Analysis of Spectral Music"
    • James Donaldson: "‘ une réinvention mélodique’: Melody and Liminality in Spectral Music"

  • 18h00–18h30: Break

  • 18h30-19h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Performance workshop 2
    Pascale Criton, Wander Steps (2017-18) for two microtonal accordions
    Fanny Vicens, Jean-Etienne Sotty (Duo XAMP) and Pascale Criton in conversation with Robert Hasegawa.

  • 20h30: Concert – Spectral 2
    Frances-Marie Uitti (cello)
    Saint-Merry church

Friday 14 June 2019

  • 09h00: Welcome desk and registration

  • 09h30–11h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 5a: Composers' perspectives
    Chair: Robert Hasegawa

    • Lasse Thoresen: "Spectral Mergers"
    • Clara Maïda: "Pour une approche 'nano-spectrale' de la composition musicale"
    • Julian Anderson: "Spectral centrality: proposals for the introduction of new formal harmonic structures based on discoveries in spectral composition and psycho-acoustics"
    • Silvia Rosani: "The roots and reasons of some composers' spectra"

  • 09h30–11h00 (Studio 5) – Session 5b: Referentiality
    Chair: Jonathan Cross

    • Luca Guidarini: "Transtextuality techniques and spectral manipulation in Fausto Romitelli’s late compositions"
    • Mike Ford: Processes of Spectralization: From Josquin’s Missa 'L’homme armé' Super Voces Musicales to Haas’s Tria ex Uno
    • Benjamin Lassauzet: "La conquête spatiale du spectre harmonique comme métaphore musicale de l’avènement du surhomme nietzschéen"

  • 11h30–12h00: Break

  • 12h00-13h00 (Salle Stravinsky) – Performance workshop 3
    Horatio Radulescu, Das Andere (1983) for solo viola
    Garth Knox (viola) in conversation with Martin Suckling.

  • 13h00–14h30: Lunch

  • 14h30–16h30 (Salle Stravinsky) – Session 6a: Key works
    Chair: Laura Zattra

    • Julie Delisle: "Timbre et orchestration dans Jour, contre-jour (1979) de Gérard Grisey"
    • Candida Felici: "The roots and the clouds: aller-retour from axial harmonic fields to spectra, and from rhythm to timbre in Jonathan Harvey’s One Evening"
    • Laurent Pottier & Alessandro Olto: "Comment Fausto Romitelli intègre-t-il les techniques et les démarches spectrales dans l’écriture de ses œuvres ? Le cas d’EnTrance (1996)"
    • David Kopp: "Reimaging the familiar: Fineberg's Veils"

  • 14h30–16h30 (Studio 5) – Session 6b: Reverberations
    Chair: Amy Bauer

    • Nicolas Lira: "Analyzing Conventional and Novel Features of Spectral Music in Jean-Claude Risset’s Voilements and Saxatile, for Saxophone and Fixed Media"
    • Elizabeth Hoffman: "What Sort of Virtual Spaces are Spectral Spaces?"
    • Robert Sholl: "Spectral Music in Nordic Noir"
    • Michael Francis Duch: "The Virtuoso Listener: On Spectral Music and Listening"

  • 16h30-17h00: Break

  • 17h00-18h00 (Salle Stravinsky) – Performance workshop 4
    Gérard Grisey, Anubis-Nout (1983/90) for bass saxophone
    Claude Delangle and Antonin Pommel (saxophone) in conversation with François-Xavier Féron.

  • 20h30: Concert – Création(s) Manifeste(s)
    Ensemble intercontemporain conducted by Matthias Pintscher
    Cité de la musique / Philharmonie de Paris
    This concert is not included in the registration fee.